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Antika Nueva

Atlantis Uncovered: Mothertree-- multi-gem Lepiedolite/Copper Electroformed Pendant

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I've been experimenting with a whole new mode of jewelry making.  I've been crazy about wire for years, but when you add electricity.... you get copper electroformed jewelry.   These pieces have a haunting, dug-from-a-shipwreck, dreamy feel, and I call them Atlantis Uncovered.  This one is made from two pieces of lepeidolite, that form a shape like a leaning tree.  Like all of these, it is a two-sided piece.

These are shipped for FREE with a cord with slider knots so you can wear them high, low, or inbetween.   They are raw copper, which means they will patina and change over time.  This is a ONE OF A KIND piece.

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