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Antika Nueva

30% off Clearance Sale if you buy more than $10! It's Just Soap! Except when it's a shampoo bar....

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SALE!  I decided I want to clear out extant stock.  If you buy more than $10 worth, you get 30% off.  I could have just chucked it all into Everything soap, but here you go, a rare sale where you can pick your scents!

And here my soaps are, at their regular price (as if you were seeing me at a festival, and why aren't you here in New England?)

My soaps are made with palm oil (ethically sourced), soy oil, water, lye, and scent.  That's it.    They scrub up a fine lather and can also be used as a shampoo bar.   I started making soap originally because my chronically-allergic husband was allergic to most everything else...and everything still passes the Tim Sneeze Test before it makes it out the door.

Check the variants for your scents.... and feel free to ask if you're not sure what a smell is like, although then you will be subject to my whimsical descriptive powers.

All essential-oil only soaps are marked with an asterisk (*).

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