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Shipping, Refunds, Contact Us.


I have a bit of a massive bug about fair and equitable shipping.  I don't like the idea of raising prices to take in free shipping, so I ship the cheapest possible way I can, which is first class USPS or flat-rate Priority USPS.    Just look at the shipping options and pick the cheaper shipping.  Purchases of over $50 ship free. 

Packaging and handling: 

I don't charge for them.  In a fit of Girl-Scouty indignation a couple of years ago about disposable bags and packaging, all of my products are now shipped in fabric bags made by me, from the remnants of my sewing scrap pile.  The pile is not noticeably smaller, but I feel much better about my packing materials  Please re-use them in the way that feels best to you; so far folks have told me my little bags have become Barbie accessory storage,  dressup for gift cards presented to others, packaging for when they are transporting small items, travelling, a cover for a marionette's chair, and a few other cool things.   If you come see me at a show, your purchase will also come with a fabric bag.

Expedited Shipping:

I don't do it.  Ever.    It takes 2-3 days to pack up an order and get it to the Post Office, and I live in the wilds of NH so it's just not something I can guarantee. 


If an item arrives damaged, please get in touch with me at kate@antikanueva.com .   I generally do not give refunds unless the item is shipped back in unused condition.  I will not refund the shipping cost of shipping it back to me.

Getting in touch:

You can always reach us at info@antikanueva.com .  I love hearing about the goofy thing you used hippie goo on, I do accept some commissions, and I'm always interested in hearing about new shows in the New England area.