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Sewing and then ...there's THIS goofball.

Most of you who have met up with me at a faire or festival are aware that I sew--while I am by NO means a costumer on the level of Designs by J, or Threads of Time, I do some fun simple pieces and warm cloaks.  In summer, though...and especially THIS summer, when there have been no shows and it's been wickedly hot-- I've been sewing a bunch of 1920's One-Hour Dresses, after seeing the absolutely brilliant video by The Closet Historian on Youtube--- this one, in fact: 


It is worth every minute of the hour-plus video.    I got sufficiently enamored of the design I've made five or six of them now-- they're perfect for summer in that they just flow and DON'T STICK ANYWHERE. 

New England gets muggy.  What can I say. 

So I made this dress today, the 1920's one-hour dress, in a distinctly NON 1920's fabric.   I've delighted in making vintage designs in decidedly non-vintage materials since forever-- I admit, I did it at first to put the wind up some of my local SCA threadcounters (pink lame 1600's merchant! Yes!  Or as my late friend James said to me, on that occasion-- "The outlines are PERFECT, Kate, but...dear god...the materials....")

And because the spousal unit was working, I set up the phone in a roll of tape (what?  It worked?) and took photos in my driveway.  And our 5 year old ex-racer greyhound, Rainey, was VERY confused by the phone counting down and then doing burst photos. 



Craftwork leads us to strange places, my friends.  

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