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Giftie Extras at Antika Nueva During The Holidays

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Hey guys-- something to keep in mind during the next couple of months of shopping: 

  • I ALWAYS ship in little reusable handmade fabric pouches-- slap on a ribbon and tag, and your giftwrapping is done. 
  • If you need more fabric bags for gifting in an order JUST LET ME KNOW.  Happy to send you extras FOR FREE.   (This is how I reduce my sewing scrap pile.  It never actually gets smaller, but at least I feel like I'm doing something about it.) 
  • I keep blank cards at home JUST FOR YOU, so if you're having something sent as a gift?  I'm happy to include a card with your message.   I'm pleased to do this for free.  Just tell me "card, please!"  
  • Want a gift for your SO or best friend who likes my stuff?  No problem.  Get in touch with me at info@antikanueva.com, tell me your budget and what their preferences are in smells/stones/whatevers, (or how they're busted up and I'm happy to recommend a goo for that) and I'm happy to make up a gift bag that fits your person.   

I am happy to take as much of a load off you as possible.  I know this season can be horribly stressful, so let me help. 

And as always, thank you so much for shopping with me. 

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