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Antika Nueva's Black Friday/Cyber Monday Policy

Since I'm already getting "gear up for your Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales strategy" emails...

I thought I would clarify something. I don't really run sales, particularly on goo or soap. I've held the line on pricing on those items for years because I know far too much of my clientele relies on them for medical reasons--I've been their last resort for eczema, fibro pain, New England Dry Skin, chronically strained muscles or overwhelming klutziness. I dig hard to keep my costs and shipping as low as possible so I can pass that on to clients who have already been through the mill (I know your HSA doesn't cover my soap or goo.) In fact, I don't even make y'all pay for shipping materials-- just the actual postage itself. There are no "handling fees" here.

So you won't be seeing promos for items like soap and goo ever at Antika Nueva. I value you and your health, and I keep things as low as I can so you can afford to get the stuff that treats your ow spots all year long.

I'm also highly allergic to sales pressure myself, and I dislike intensely use it or lose it sales tactics from stores. I don't shop on Black Friday, I don't approve of companies that make their lowest-paid workers sacrifice even more of their family time.

So as we advance on Thanksgiving, don't worry that you're going to miss a special sale-- it will be the same before, during, and after. I do add some extras this time of year-- if you're sending my stuff as a gift, I keep a stack of blank cards to put in packages with your message. And as always, I mail items in a reuseable fabric pouch that serves as padding and a way to sew down my scrap pile. If you're ordering a heap of soap as stocking stuffers, let me know and I'll happily stuff in a handful of fabric pouches for gifting (tie a ribbon and done!)

But I don't charge extra for these things. And I'm honored if you do your holiday shopping with me.

Thank you all, very much.

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