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When You Have A Hammer, Everything Looks Like A Nail

We all get in ruts fixing things; we all have our favored solutions.   Not surprisingly, I tend to grab a chunk of wire.    Since I'm also often on a faire site and we're pretty used to improvisation, I end up wire-wrapping some things that I'm pretty sure shouldn't be wire-wrapped but hey, if it holds up your tent/gets you home, who can argue?

Sometimes I get asked what the weirdest thing is that I've taken wire to.  It's awfully hard to pick just one, so instead, here is a list:

--Teeth.  Oddly enough, never a shark's tooth, but I have wired bear, boar, and coyote teeth.  Not really hard to do although unfortunately the boars' teeth were....fresh.   REALLY fresh.  Not bloody-gory fresh, but ...fresh.  It is surprisingly hard to wrap something when you're trying to not touch it.

--The Pick of Destiny:   apparently an actual prop from a rather terrible movie.  Yup.  That's what it looks like.


--Electronic car key fobs.  Amusingly enough, I ended up doing this for two generations of one family, leading me to wonder if car-key-fob destruction was somehow genetic.

--Wobbly leg on a chair.    I sort of lashed it to the chair seat.

--a car.  We had a car die on site once, with ten minutes to opening (not cool for a ren faire.)  Someone had a truck, someone else had tow chains, but no one had an s-hook.  So I made one out of 4-ga copper wire.

--someone's hair.  It was for a Pippi Longstocking costume.  We cannibalized a wire coathanger and then wired her braids to it.

--zipper tabs--about a million of them.  That stupid flippy tab breaks all the time and I've done wire and a bead to replace them more times than I can count.

--hinges on a cupboard.  The hinge pin broke.  *shrug*

--sunglasses.  The screw went where glasses screws go, and...yeah.

--a travel grill lid.  Hinge pin again.

--several folding chairs.

--a tent.  Hinges again.

Duct tape is always an option, but wire works, y'all.

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