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Black Lives Matter.

I'm a tiny little one-woman company and everything on the internet tells me that if I want to run a business I need to shut up and take money and not be political. 

I always thought I wasn't political. 

But what I consider to be "politics" are things like which road gets mended first in town, or how to fund a school, NOT things like equal rights or equitable pay or the right to exist in your own skin without being hassled by cops or even murdered for it. 

I am still educating myself.   And will continue to educate myself.   

Black Lives Matter.  

(There are a lot smarter and better educated folks than I am speaking much more eloquently and understandably about the vast complex nature of ongoing racism in this country.  I'm not the person to educate ANYONE about this.  So I've learned from Trevor Noah,  Ijeoma Oluo, Professor Tressie McMillan Cottom... so very many.   I'm a hippie treehugger who tries to donate money to the ACLU when I can-- so hop on Twitter, do some googling, read a book or two.   Even as a Yankee kid growing up in Maine, so many of my textbooks in school presented a history so far from the truth it might have been fiction.    As a Book Person I was horrified to find out how many flat-out lies there were.  Five years ago I did not know what redlining was.  Three years ago I did not know that most Confederate statues were put up well after the Civil War, and were specifically put up during waves of the Civil Rights movement in this country (the 1910's, the 1950's and '60's)  to intimidate people of color.   I found out THIS YEAR about the Tulsa Race Massacre.  I'm a fifty-year old cripple.  It's never too late to start learning.)

Be safe.  Be well. 

Black Lives Matter.



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