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Antika Nueva

Custom Soap Batch, Made To Order; 3-4 week cure time

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Are you fussy and only like ONE scent of soap?  Do you hate having scented soap, period? Do you want to have YOUR soap on hand?  Or do you want to get a mass of soap to share with friends, or make holiday gift baskets?

Well, here's your chance.   I'm willing to make you a custom batch of soap, with your choice of scents and herbs (or lack, thereof.)  

Here's the deal.  I make a standard, just shy of 5 lb batch of soap.   You will be able to specify scent (within the limitations of what I have),  herbal additives (ditto) and I will consult with you to make a soap that suits your skin and needs.  A full batch makes between 18-20 bars.  AND you can have customized text on the label!  (Please get weird, please get weird.... )

If you're not sure what you want, talk to me!  I can recommend things for dry or oily skin, sensitive skin, or whatever your situation is.

Scents:  Typically I have orange, sandalwood, patchouli, frankincense, myrrh, spices of several kinds, rose, lilac, lavendar, neroli,  peppermint, chocolate, coffee, nag champa, dragonsblood, fir needle, wintergreen, camphor, eucalyptus, teatree, amber, bay rum, and many others.  Ask!

Herbal additives:  cocoa powder, coffee grounds, oatmeal, orris root, clay, pine tar

Because this is a custom order, and soap takes a bit to cure, your order will not be ready to ship for at least 3 weeks.  Even then, I recommend you leave it to sit and cure for another couple weeks once it arrives.  I will send you a "Safe to Use By" date for your soap.

My soaps are made with palm oil (ethically sourced), soy oil, water, lye, and scent.  That's it.    They scrub up a fine lather and can also be used as a shampoo bar.   I started making soap originally because my chronically-allergic husband was allergic to most everything else...and everything still passes the Tim Sneeze Test before it makes it out the door.


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