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Antika Nueva

Pound-Plus Soap Sack

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When I'm making soap, Murphy's Law is in full effect.   Therefore it never ALL fits in the mold--and I pour off the bit left over into a plastic container.  When the container is full (usually of 2-3 different kinds of soap) I turn it over, cut it up, and that is Everything Soap.

I'm overrun with it.  

It's fabulous soap, it really is.  It's the same stuff you buy at faire, just mixed together.  It smells OUTSTANDING... I've tried to duplicate the scents from my everything soap occasionally just because it smells SO GOOD.  (Of course I can't.  Murphy, hello, we were just talking about you!)

I have folks who request this on a regular basis.   I'm a little self-conscious about selling it, really, because as you can see it's a bit lumpy and ugly.  But it smells AWESOME.   These are monstrously chunky bars.  Easy to hang on to in the shower.

So I'm offering Soap Bags that will be a FULL POUND OF SOAP.  PLUS.  (Because the weight never comes out even.  I promise it will be over a pound of the stuff.)   These bags may include also regular bars from the scratch and dent pile--the label fell off, or it went astray from its brothers before I wrapped it--or it looks a bit odd-- but it will be a FULL POUND PLUS of soap.

My soaps are made with palm oil (ethically sourced), soy oil, water, lye, and scent.  That's it.    They scrub up a fine lather and can also be used as a shampoo bar.   I started making soap originally because my chronically-allergic husband was allergic to most everything else...and everything still passes the Tim Sneeze Test before it makes it out the door.

LET ME KNOW if you want each bar in a separate fabric pouch for gift-giving.... otherwise it all comes in one big fabric pouch.


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