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Antika Nueva

Upholstery-Covered Composition Book Journals

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I'm a journal junkie, and write all the time, everything from lists to poetry.   Over time I've made many a fine journal, but I keep returning to composition books because they lay flat, they're easily found, and hey, gotta piece of paper? 

But the covers are inevitably twee or sad, so I end up gluing fabric or leather or whatever I can find.  BUT... I always loved the slide-on book covers that kept them from getting totally mangled in a tote bag. 

These covers are made from a lovely faux-leather upholstery fabric and just slide onto the composition book, so when you've written your way through, you can shelve the book and move the cover to the next composition book you're mangling!   And if you're a fellow rennie, this is a good way to make your notebook blend in and not look too modern. 

These fit a standard composition book size, 10.5" x 8.5" (the final measurements are a bit bigger because seams) and come with a composition book already inserted so you can start writing right away!

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