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Babby B*tt Goo - Antika Nueva
Antika Nueva

Babby B*tt Goo

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AS WITH ANY OF MY APOTHECARY LINE, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ THE INGREDIENTS.  IF YOU OR YOUR CHILD ARE ALLERGIC TO ANY OF THEM, PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS.   I also recommend a patch test of this on any kid and on the parents as well before pitching right in and using this.  Since I made this for kidlets, I would rather y'all go slow and be safe, ok?   

Rich shea-butter base solid lotion; this version has palm kernel oil (making it a bit harder and more moisture-resistant) and is mild mild mild, for a baby's skin.   Like all the goos, a little goes a long way--a 2 oz. jar should coat an adult head to toe for about 2 months.   It's organic, it's relatively soft; in hot weather it will melt and go liquid.  Just stick it in the fridge.

Every Goo Has A Story:

A friend requested a goo for her son's horrific diaper rash; I knew from various friends using goos on kiddos, that shea butter was a good bet to help.  Being a non-parent myself, I'm very very cautious about what goes on kids, so I came up with a deliberately mild formulation.  After some consult with my friend, I decided on the addition of palm kernel oil to add hardness to the formulation to make this one a bit more moisture-resistant.   Reviews have been stellar!


Helps heal and prevent diaper rash.  Use very sparingly.  A little goes a long way.


Raw shea butter, Palm Kernel Oil, Soy oil, Infused oils of Comfrey and Nettle, beeswax, teatree and lavendar essential oils.

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