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Sore Foot Goo - Antika Nueva
Antika Nueva

Sore Foot Goo

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Rich shea-butter base solid lotion; this formulation works on terrifically sore feet! Like all the goos, a little goes a long way--a 2 oz. jar should coat an adult head to toe for about 2 months. It's organic, it's relatively soft; in hot weather it will melt and go liquid. Just stick it in the fridge.

Every Goo Has A Story:

I know a lot of dancers, and as a renaissance faire vendor, I can spend a lot of time on my feet. While I had been on the quest for "faire proof shoes" since forever, I neglected (as usual!) to think...hey, I could do something awesome for my feet!

After my last, beloved jar of a peppermint foot salve finally got used up (made by a vendor who no longer did shows, alas), I suffered sadly for a while, hoping I'd run across her and buy stock.

Finally, light dawned, and in looking at peppermint foot lotions, the thought occurred that increasing circulation would also help---a lot of tweaking later, I have a Sore Foot solution that is my go-to after a long day.


Great for feet and lower legs after exceptionally long days. A friend spent a 12 hour day moving (just across town, the worst kind of house-moving) and poured herself into the tub afterward. Afraid that she wouldn't be able to walk, her feet hurt so badly, she smeared on the sore foot goo...and was able to move around afterward. (And her dog would lick her footsteps. Apparently certain dogs think it's delicious.)  Recommended for waitstaff, nurses, cna's, walkers, runners, joggers, and anyone else who abuses the heck out of their feet.


Shea Butter, Soy Oil, Safflower Oil,Vitamin E, Camphor, Peppermint, Wintergreen, Eucalyptus, Teatree, and Cinnamon Oils

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