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Another Good Sale story

faire life good sale retail stories why i do this

(wrote this a while ago... lovely memory.)

Good sales, to me, come in all shapes and sizes.  Granted, I'm excited when someone plonks a lot of cash in my booth--booyah, woodpile money!  But sometimes the ones that mean the most are the sales when someone finds the exact thing that fits them or helps them, or makes them feel good, or good about themselves.


I had one of those today. 


It was COLD at the farmer's market.  My friend Lisa-the-baker and I were grumbling and shivering, and along comes a young guy in a baseball cap--nice kid.  Says he broke his necklace, wants a new one.... we talked for a good twenty minutes.  He was a carpenter, he said, been through a lot of crap in recent years, and pulled his life together afterward.  We talked about illness, and my business, and he and I agreed that keeping a good attitude and interest in life meant that you could stay healthier.  He ended up buying a rune necklace--Tir--for the warrior's code. He told me about his new tat he was getting soon.


He was a nice kid.  He spent $15 in my booth.  Not my smallest sale ever, or my largest.  But he was friendly, he wanted a rune pendant to remind him to be an upright man, and we had a great talk.   THAT was a good sale.   And that is why I do this.

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