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How Antika Nueva Got Its Name

Antika Nueva

(published on Facebook, originally)

When I was trying to come up with a name for my business, lo these many years ago, I wanted something that sort of emphasized my core sensibilities--generally, doing things with old-fashioned or hand tools, in old ways....I also didn't want to name it something like "Kate's Beads and Bling" because, well, I know I have a lot of eclectic interests and they would creep in sooner or later.

So.  Since I was (re) reading Elizabeth Peters' fabulous Amelia Peabody series at the time, I knew "antika shops" were the shops in turn of the century Cairo that sold illegal and tomb-robbed antiquities.  And Nueva is Spanish for new.  I liked how they sounded together--Antika Nueva kind of lilts off the tongue--and I figured it would cover me no matter what craft I got into and sold in my booth.  Sometimes I have regretted it, because it's a bit weird and hard to spell, but on the whole, Antika Nueva has grown and is its own thing, and Antika Nueva it will remain, as it seems to like its name.

So if you ever wondered, there you go.

Kate Holly-Clark
Owner/proprietor/loony-in-chief, Antika Nueva.

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